Arts Team

Architecture for the performing arts

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Buildings for the arts must not only look amazing —
they must also function amazingly well.

Arts Team leads the way in creating innovative architecture to support
and facilitate the arts. We design for a broad range of clients across the arts community, tackling both new buildings and the restoration of some of the country's finest historic theatres — breathing new life into important and much-loved parts of the nation's cultural heritage.

Our projects are location- and client-specific, defined less by a signature style
than by a shared imaginative approach and design ethos. We believe that inspiration and creative solutions founded in specialist knowledge lead the way to
successful arts buildings.

An informal professionalism underpins our working process. We are approachable and adaptable, but rigorous. Critical to us is the building of a strong rapport
with clients.

By tailoring individual teams to projects, we are able to draw on specific expertise and respond to particular needs and sensibilities. We then consider projects holistically — looking at physical and philosophical accessibility, life-cycle environmental impact, the welfare of building users, economic operation and, more broadly, the wider contribution a project can make to community sustainability, diversity and opportunity.

Arts and cultural activities enrich the environment for all of us, stimulating community and civic pride. Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy and participate in the arts and this is the cornerstone of our design approach.

Arts team is part of Renton Howard Wood Levin LLP

Arts Team specialises in the design of buildings for the performing arts.

We work within RHWL Architects, operating with the technical support of the wider practice.

Established in 1998, Arts Team is led by
Barry Pritchard and Julian Middleton, who have their individual involvements in the arts.
Our long term collaboration ensures continuity of experience and unrivalled expertise.