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Montecasino Theatre

Arts Team is architectural and interior design consultant for this new 1,900-seat musical theatre – the jewel in the crown of a multi-function public piazza project in Johannesburg. Together with associate designer Martin McCallum, we worked on the design of the foyers and the auditorium, creating public spaces befitting the international venue, which is sited next to the casino.

Foyer activities will be highly visible from the piazza, particularly at night, through the bronze-framed glazed entrance screen, and the outside space will appear to extend uninterrupted into the foyers.

The auditorium is wrapped in a large curving wall finished in red polished Venetion plaster, and is a powerful presence in the foyer areas. It rises up through the space, appearing to pass right through the long curved skylight. The first floor foyer will appear to be a free-standing bridge spanning the full width of the main foyer, with the red auditorium wall beyond.

Montecasino Theatre
Johannesburg, South Africa
clientTsogo Sun Holdings
part of R335m development | March 2007

rendering: Arts Team