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Chigwell School Drama Centre

Chigwell School's new Drama Centre is a dedicated facility for the teaching, development and performance of drama. Arts Team's new building has provided a highly adaptable performance studio, a public foyer, a drama classroom, performance support areas and core spaces for the drama department.

Occupying a stand-alone site and terminating the main pedestrian artery through the campus, the Centre acts as a marker, which begins to unify the dispersed school buildings. The covered entrance walkway gathers people toward the foyer. It appears to 'slice through' the foyer, continuing to the other side of the building to enclose a sheltered terrace.

The adaptable 150-seat drama performance space and teaching resource is the latest addition to the school's historic campus, the first buildings of which date from 1629.

The forward-looking design of the Centre reflects the school's ethos and long-standing commitment to creative drama education. A key factor in the project's successful completion, on time and on budget, was the highly collaborative working relationship between architect and client.

Chigwell School Drama Centre
Chigwell, Essex, UK
clientChigwell School
£1.85m | October 2003

photo: Arts Team