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Wigmore Hall redevelopment

London's famous Wigmore Hall, the UK's premier chamber music venue, started life as a piano showroom. Designed by Thomas Collcutt, it was built in 1901 by the German piano company Bechstein. The hall's celebrated acoustic qualities and opulent Edwardian décor quickly gave it a reputation as one of Europe’s leading recital halls. Today it hosts over 400 concerts a year.

Arts Team has competed the first phase of redevelopment work, which has focused on sensitive improvements in the hall itself, restoration work and a redesign of the public areas on the lower level.

The challenge was to improve audience comfort while maintaining the ambience of the space. Discreet contemporary lighting and air circulation systems have been installed and the colour scheme softened to reduce visual contrast. The auditorium, as well as the entire building, has undergone sensistive restoration, preserving its distinctive English alabaster and mahogany panelling.

Wigmore Hall redevelopment
London W1, UK
clientWigmore Hall Trust
£3m | October 2004

photo: Edward Web